slow Care Parlour(スローケアパーラー)はOrganic Botanics(オーガニックボタニクス)のコンセプトサロンです。

slow Care Parlour(スローケアパー���ー)のメニュー

slow Care Parlour(スローケアパーラー���のメニュー You will enjoy herb tea and our superb treatment after relaxing organic foot bath with plenty of flowers and buds / gem stones.

We will offer you:

Special treatment just for you.

Based on “Clinical Aromatherapy” We will blend organic essential oils chosen just for you.

And also we will consider your condition carefully, and apply the best technique for your body and mental.

Private room only for you. The room will be reserved only for you.

You will relax without caring other people.

Obsession for Organic.

Our essential oils, products and herb teas… everything we offer you are made from organic materials.

We have received externally good reactions from our clients. Of course, you will be satisfied with the effects of our massage on the day.

Furthermore day after day, our treatment draws your potential power out at maximum and expands your possibility.

Slow care parlor grantees “Reliable technique” and “Genuine healing�����.